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In this present age, Technology has gone far beyond one's imagination in the field of marketing & business resulting in the usage of internet more often than any other means thus rendering Advertising hoardings, coupon promotions become old fashioned & less effective.

What really works nowadays in providing advert & detailed information in the most efficiant & productive manner is the marketing through internet ( Mobile applications).

Like we all know, Presently Mobile & its applications are widly used as a source of information by the users to get necessary information regarding buying & selling. Hence mobile applications have now become the most affordable & easiest way to reach to the customers. Thus enhancing one's business further in the market space.

This stream of marketing not only puts your branding on your customers phones but also lets the users carry along your product details along with them wherever they go, which isn't possible with other means of promotions.

Benefits for Builders:
  •   Mobile Applications are the most affordable and effective way to      reach out to customers.
  •   More Business.
  •   Puts your branding on your customers phones.
  •   Every Detail can be presented in the most attractive Layout.
  •   Creates new revenue stream and ultimately more profits.

Benefits for Customers:
  •   Easy access to Property.
  •   Access to information even without internet.
  •   Wonderful discription of product for better decision making.
Why is a Mobile Applications better than browsing the Mobile Web ?

It is much faster as it takes not more than one second to launch a Mobile Application. But in case of websites, It can take up to several minutes for a Mobile Web site to load in an area with bad reception.

Mobile Web Sites are important but they do not replace the need for Mobile Apps for the following reasons:

    Mobile Applications   : Function offline.
    Mobile Web Sites      : Don't.
    Mobile Applications: Enables Push Notifications for Direct Contact with Customers.
    Mobile Web Sites     : Don't.
    Mobile Applications: Always visible on your phone's home screen.
    Mobile Web Sites    : Not always visible.
    Mobile Applications: Appears in the Applications Stores.
    Mobile Web Sites    : Don't.

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