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Battery Service System


In a Battery service company, Usually there is a lot of servicing work required with respect to the product & the customer query as well as the purchase & supply chain. So its a necessity to have an advanced technology which answers every problem of the servicemen, that could act not only as a form of Resouces that can keep complete data of the products but also the service rendered to its users. Battery Service System developed by Accolade Tech Solutions is one such answer.

What is Battery Service System ?

Battery Service System is a strategically developed software that mellows down the work load of the servicemen by maintaining buying, selling & servicing details of its Batteries, Geysers & Solar products. This software also keeps track of its customers, sales & services rendered to them and even sets the routes to reach their doorstep.

As far as the supplier relation is concerned, This software maintains each & every details on the type of products purchased, the amount for these products & supplier details. Reports of all the same can be generated at will. Thus making this software an All-Rounder in its service to the servicemen.

Key Features of Battery Service System :

1. Stock Purchases :

Once the necessary information about the product is fed into the system. The software manages every minute details on the product purchased from the respective suppliers, the date of purchase & the quantity of products purchase.

2. Sales :

This feature enables the servicemen to manages the details on the product sold to the customer, the cash transaction by the customer and the pending amount.

3. Service Details :

This is an necessary feature that helps the admin enter the Card number of the customer, the product purchased by them, the date of purchase and the payment transaction details. In case of new customers, There is free servicing after which the paid service account is calculated. There is also an option to searching details through product Name, product type, customer name & card number which makes this software highly efficient.

4. Day Book :

This acts as a form of diary entry for the admin which lets him keep track of every transaction, weather it is manual, pending pay or day book. Manual transaction is a special case where, if a customer has pending dues but is liable to credit us with new customers from his side, then his dues may be discounted.

5. Enquiries :

This optional feature for those who wants to know their options in products. For such enquirers, admin can enter product details & show him/her the products. If he/she is satisfied with the product description then there is a criteria to open their account status, if not Close.



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