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Lawyer's Diary


In this present generation, Court Cases for lawyers have increased & its an uphill task for a lawyer to keep record of all the case details & the complexity associated with it. But with the current technology that exists in this world , its merely on a buttons click to do just the same using Lawyer's Diary.

What is Lawyer's Diary?

Lawyer's Diary is a form of book keeping in the most efficient way possible using the best technology of software development available, which not only enables us to keep track of all details related to the Case, (that have been inserted & updated based on our needs) but also settlement details & time keeper. Which otherwise in normal circumstances needs a lot of time & manual work without this software.

Features/Tools of Lawyer's Diary?
1. The Power of Lawyer's Diary? :

This Diary already contains the full details of the Court category, Court codes, Case names & the existing status of the Cases & the party names that have been stored. In case we need to Add New details regarding these Diary details, then there is facilities in this software to do so.

2. Creation & Modification Of Case Details :

In lawyer's Diary, there is a criteria to store Details of any new client as well as modify the case details of existing clients or any past records of clients. There are also facilities to add new cases & check the status of it althrough its process and even re-opening of old cases stored previously.

3. Report:

With a software like this we can't exclude one of the most important feature required, that is the storage of Reports. Therefore Lawyer's Diary generates reports on all the cases taken up by the user.

4. Advanced Search Option:

The report of any case can be checked by the means of various search options that include Case date, Case Name, Party Name, Case Number, Status or Court Number. Even for additional information, we can use the option of 'Advanced search' that does a complete recce of all the data stored in the system.

5. Extra Reminder:

This is a time keeping feature that enables the lawyer to keep track of the pending tasks & the hearing dates.

It has two date functionalities , One is the Alarm date & the other is Expiring Date.

  •  Alarm date: This option helps remind the next task that is      suppose to be completed at an appropriate given expiry date.
  •   Expiring Date:This option is the indication of the last date before      expiry.
  • 6. Account Details:

    Any software is incomplete if it doesnt have the provision to calculate & formulate the expenses of the cases and amount inflow. Therefore, This software has features to keeps the clients account details, amount details & updating of account of clients/cases. All the above features thus makes the Lawyer's Diary software complete & efficiently usable tool for any Lawyer's firm.

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